It All Makes Sense 

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Original $325.00  

Looking To Be Alright

A New Single

featuring Sarah Lynne the Artist

Available June 19, 2020

Mercy On Those

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Acrylic on Canvas

Framed Original $1200.00


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Acrylic on canvas

‚ÄčOriginal $1800.00 

I Sing Because I'm Free

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Original $500.00   

I Think I'm Gonna Pray

Graphic Prints $175.00

The Other Side of Through

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Watercolor and Ink

Original $385.00   

CelestialConnects Publishing


Celestial Connects


Look Inside

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‚ÄčOriginal $385.00        

What If?

Prints Available $45 and up

Framed Original $900.00


We Can Change The World

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Watercolor and Inc 

Original Framed $475.00

Celeste Brown Originals from the Messages From the Heart Collection

Why I Still Smile


Framed Original $2100.00